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NEW market research has uncovered strong support for embattled dairy farmers and awareness of the current milk pricing crisis. A survey conducted late last month by market research company IMI International asked about 260 randomly chosen Australians aged 18 or over for their opinions on the topical issue.

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Aldi's impact on home brand perceptions proves how rapidly shoppers will adapt

Woolworths’ decision to dump one of its home brand labels has been fuelled by Aldi’s runaway success in the Australian grocery industry, experts say.

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Walgreens are actively leveraging beacons for in-store shopper marketing

The Walgreen Co. is keeping its eye on the mobile ball. Kartik Subramanian, director of mobile product, API and innovation, explained how the retailer is keeping up with the mobile demands of its customers at the 2016 Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition this week.

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Six key points for marketers from Mary Meeker’s 2016 Internet Trends report

Mary Meeker’s annual Internet Trends presentation covers everything from growing online engagement in the developing world to data storage, electric cars, voice recognition and the re-imagining of human-computer interfaces. Here we cover some of the top trends in advertising and branding from the 2016 report.

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Overall eCommerce may be peaking but there's growth and decline in selected categories

Americans' Move to Online Shopping Is Plateauing: Vast Majority of Consumers Say They Won't Significantly Increase E-Commerce Spending in Coming Years, According to Boston Consulting Group Survey.

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