‘Health’ trend growing brands

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apple-1327228-639x281IRI research is showing shoppers are broadening their healthy eating habits and the brands taking advantage of these pockets of opportunities are realising growth. Embracing naturally nutritious ingredients, and being positioned as a ‘healthy’ alternative becoming an inspiring proposition to consumers.

IRI’s Daniel Bone, Channel Insights Manager revealed at the AFGC ‘Food & Grocery Australia’ Event in Brisbane, that a cultural shift towards Health and Wellness is being driven by three distinct consumer segments and knowing how a product resonates can unlock a multi-million dollar opportunity.

62% of Australians surveyed on the  IRI Shopper Panel say nutritional information displayed on products affect what they purchase with over half (53%) of shoppers indicating to have changed – or plan to change – an aspect of their diet.

“This behaviour suggests that growth potential can be leveraged by enticing consumers to act on their positive intentions with regards to healthy food and beverage intake – this is evidenced by brands growing rapidly who are tapping into these consumer trends” comments Daniel Bone.

The fast-growing sales of products including turmeric and sweet potato reflect how on-trend formats and ingredients allow brands to realise new growth opportunities.

Turmeric with its powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties is resonating with consumers, and as a result is one of the trending hero ingredients, driving growth in Vitamins (+107% in Pharmacy) and Herbs & Spices (+63% in Supermarkets).

Furthermore, IRI revealed that Sweet Potato has been a ‘category disrupter’ as an inherently healthy ingredient, adding permissibility to indulgent foods such as Snacking Chips and Frozen Chips (+132%), adding $15M to the Grocery channel.