POPAI/GfK Shopper & Retail Marketing industry survey 2017

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Call for industry Expressions of Interest to be interviewed

GfK largePOPAI ANZ, with shopper research firm, GfK, will run the first Australian industry survey into the Shopper & Retail Marketing and Category Management disciplines since 2014.

The POPAI/GfK Shopper & Retail Marketing industry survey 2017 has come about after demand from POPAI members, changes to the retail market and shopping behaviour, and extension of what traditionally was viewed as an FMCG discipline into other retail sectors. It will be conducted from June to August and will combine in-depth face to face and telephone interviews with an online opinion survey.

The study aims to benchmark progress and changes to the shopper & retail marketing and category management disciplines in an increasingly digital and blurred channel environment. It will update common issues and opportunities, and outline key steps for industry participants to make the most of their capabilities. Results will be benchmarked against previous Australian survey results from 2014, 2011 and 2010 as well as relevant overseas industry studies.

Disciplines covered by the survey include shopper marketing, retail marketing, category management and development, activations, point of purchase production, and related functions, such as shopper insights and digital/mobile marketing. It will apply to retailers, brand manufacturers, POP suppliers and creative activations agencies alike. Survey participants will be drawn from all relevant retail channels.


Expressions of interest to participate in face to face or telephone interviews as part of the study are sought from individuals involved in, related to, or have frequent dealings with the retail, shopper, customer and trade marketing and category management functions, along with related production and insights disciplines. Interviews are welcomed with those in agency, manufacture, or retailing and only expected to take around half an hour.

Interview participants will receive a free summary of the results of the shopper marketing and category management findings of the survey.

Interview Expressions of Interest should be emailed to norrelle.goldring@gfk.com citing your name, area of responsibility, company, and contact number.

“We are excited to be revisiting this study after three years as so much has changed in the industry,” said Carla Bridge, General Manager, POPAI Australia & New Zealand.

“Our members are asking us for this information as retailing and shopper behaviour have changed significantly in the past few years, particularly with regard to digital and mobile marketing to shoppers and the continuing drive for seamless omnichannel shopping.

"We’re looking to understand how those in the industry are coping with this change, and what tools they need to smooth their transition," Ms Bridge said.

Norrelle Goldring, APAC Shopper Lead at GfK and originator of the 2010, 2011 and 2014 surveys, said that the study will provide those involved in retail marketing with a “comprehensive overview of where it is currently and where it both is likely and needs to go, in order to optimise retail and shopper marketing opportunities".

The online survey will be available in online form for participants to complete in July after initial interviews are completed. All survey participants will receive a free copy of the findings report.

Results will be available at the POPAI Summit breakfast seminar on 12 October.



For further information contact:

Norrelle Goldring, Shopper Lead APAC
GfK Australia

M: 0437 335 686

E: norrelle.goldring@gfk.com

W: gfk.com.au

Carla Bridge, General Manager

POPAI Australia & New Zealand

M: 0412 727 774

E: carla@popai.com.au

W: popai.com.au

About POPAI Australia and New Zealand:

POPAI (Point of Purchase Advertising Institute) is the only global, not-for-profit association exclusively dedicated to the retail marketing industry. It has a global network of 20 offices covering 45 countries dedicated to serving in excess of 1,700 member companies.

In Australia, POPAI’s mission is to be the thought leader for the Shopper & Retail Marketing discipline.

This includes promoting the importance of Shopper Marketing in the total marketing mix; improving levels of education in the industry; developing and encouraging improved standards of practice; representing industry views; promoting a better understanding of retail communications touchpoints; provide opportunities to exchange ideas and experiences; and to conduct research for more effective strategy.

Look us up at www.popai.com.au or email carla@popai.com.au


About Norrelle Goldring & GfK:

Norrelle Goldring is APAC Region Shopper Lead at global research and retail data house GfK. With POPAI she originated the first Australian shopper marketing industry surveys in 2010 and 2011. She chaired the resulting POPAI Shopper Marketing Industry Council in 2011, and has regularly run shopper marketing principles training around Australia and throughout Asia. She currently serves as Vice Chair of POPAI ANZ.

Norrelle specialises in improving shopping experiences by understanding how and why people buy things. She is a shopper, channel and category specialist and shopper marketing thought leader with 20 years’ experience in FMCG and retail across manufacturer, retailer and agency roles. Call Norrelle on 0437 335 686 or email norrelle.goldring@gfk.com