Special Report: Reinventing Customer Service

Topics: Featured, Home (Best Practice), Insights & Research, Market Intelligence

*Exclusive POPAI members-only report*



reinventing custCustomer experience has become the guiding principle for service industries of all types, but it plays a particularly important role in the retail sector where digital options have exploded over recent years. How the shopper experiences your brand — in either the physical or digital environment — has become the top determinant in whether they will continue to shop with you.

With this special report, Shop! (POPAI) is proud to present shopper behaviour insights from two important sources to help you create an experience that is truly distinctive.

We selected insights from the research paper by Joseph Pine II & James Gilmore featured in the Spring 2017 edition of the Journal of Shopper Research as well as content that JGA Chairman Ken Nisch shared in the new Shop! MaRC Exam Prep.

This report is one of many deliverables supporting our association’s mission to deliver value to our members and the global industry at large. Shop! (POPAI) drives value in the form of relevant education, certification, research, thought leadership, networking, events, award programs, and more.

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