Understanding design realisation

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brandBy Steve Jackson - Schawk

Brand owners spend a substantial amount of time and money with top tier agencies on developing and enhancing their master look and messaging – however, what happens when they need routine adaptations?

Within the dynamic and competitive world of consumer brands, brand owners demand greater regionalisation, short run on-pack promotions, high quality product imagery/proof of concepts and local marketing collateral. Regional brand managers need to seize local opportunities, but ensure they still fulfil branding guidelines, design intent and production requirements.

Now, what do brands do to meet these needs?

While it is expensive and time consuming to return to the agency for a local campaign or limited life design idea, the alternative is to “trust” their master look to drive the process. While execution firms have shown finesse at outputting work, relying on their limited creative skills is risky. This is where Design Realisation comes in.

Design Realisation is an approach that bridges the gap between top tier creatives and production orientated deployment firms. This approach uses the “already paid for” master creatives and repurposes these assets in a cost effective, streamlined and scalable way. To facilitate point of sale, time sensitive packaging and general collateral work, Design Realisation hence allows for both time and cost efficient implementation for both sides involved.

Design Realisation at its core is leveraging both the substantial work (and cost) that a brand initially puts into its assets, and the local, cost effective skills of adaptation specialists like Schawk Australia for focused work.

With pre-press for packing in its DNA, the Schawk team includes design realisation artists who work directly with brands on local adaptations. Schawk artists are creatives at heart yet at the same time understand and work alongside their pre-press counterparts. Available to the design realisation and deployment team are internal resources such as its “Ask Me” sessions and customer focused Brand Square webinars.

Design realisation provides brands with flexible, cost effective ways to respond to opportunities to deliver targeted graphics changes and adaptations, while cutting out the prohibitively expensive top tier agency cost and often complex internal staffing structures. While still enjoying the comfort of professional deployment, the process is simpler, streamlined and a proven cost saving approach for brand managers to run campaigns and trial new marketing initiatives.

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